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  • Repairing electric motors

    • Electrical and mechanical.

    • Repacking magnetic cores.

    • Replacement of axles, cooling pipes.

    • Spare parts manufacture.

    • Repairing electric motors for railway system.

    • Repairing electric motors for drilling rigs (such as MCF 850 kW, MCF 550kW).

    • Repairing of traction motors (ex. GDTM-533, LJE-108) and generators (ex. GCE 110-10) for locomotives manufacturated in Romania (LE, LDE, LDH) and abroad.

    • Repairing of electric motors for auxiliary services.

    • Repairing electric motors for cement plants, power plants, petrochemical companies and any other industrial domains.

    • Supplying engine parts (coil, rotor, slip rings, brush holders, virtually any part) and transformers.

  • Repairing electric power transformers up to 2500 kVA

On request we can produce electric motors and transformers including new types of AC motors for drilling rigs.
We cover a wide range of electrical and mechanical operations (welding, metal fabrications, machining parts)

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