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About us

Company Address: România, Dolj County, Craiova, Popoveni street, no. 7

Postal Code: 200633

Trade Register: J16/2922/1993

Unique Registration Code: 4776196

SC MOTOARE ELECTRICE is a romanian company specialized in repair of AC electric motors 0.4 kV and 6 kV (entire range produced by ELECTROPUTERE) and DC electric motors, traction motors and generators for railway, electrical power transformers up to 2500 kVA, as well as production of related components.
The company purpose is to provide its products and services to any other company from Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa:
  • repairs of electric motors for cement plants, power plants, petrochemical companies, etc.
  • repairs of electric motors for drilling rigs (such as MCF 850kW, MCF 550kW)
  • repairs of electric motors for railway system
  • sending team workers and equipment for maintenance, diagnosis, repairs of electric motors and transformers
  • supplying spare parts for electric motors (such as coils for medium and high voltage, rotors, slip rings, brush holters) and transformers
On request we can produce electric motors and transformers including new types of AC motors for drilling rigs.

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