SC MOTOARE ELECTRICE is a romanian company specialized in repair and manufacture (in partnership width subcontractors) of AC electric motors and DC electric motors, traction motors and generators for railway, electrical power transformers up to 2500 kVA, as well as production of related components.
MOTOARE ELECTRICE has documented, has implemented and maintains:
MOTOARE ELECTRICE holds an AFER authorization and AFER certificate as railway supplier.
AFER = Railway Romanian Authority.

The company cover a wide range of electrical and mechanical operations (welding, metal fabrications, machining parts).

Our company repairs and upgrades locomotives in partnership width subcontractors.

We perform electric motors repairs, parts production, dynamic balancing for companies from Bulgaria, Hungary, Egypt, France, Macedonia, Slovakia.

Due the attention to continuous improvement of staff, investments made using European funds programs in technical endowment width the latest generation equipments from Germany, France, Sweden and our specific marketing we have beneficiaries in all countries.

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